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Week-end des Pars et Jardins de Wallonie 2017 - 10 et 11 juin
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Domaine de Freÿr

Practical information

Domaine de Freÿr
5540 Hastières
Tel. : +32 (0)82 22 22 00

Charges (entrance to castle + gardens): adults: 8€, senior citizens, children aged 12 and over: 6,5 €.
Guided visits on request in French, Dutch, English and German
Opening times: from April to 15 november: from Saturday to Sunday and public holidays: from 11 to 17.00

July and August :  from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 to 17.00

Ah! Youthfulness...

Louise de Coulonges, born in 1855, arrived here after her marriage in Freÿr in 1876, and stayed until her death in 1952.
She used to climb up a ladder to pick orange blossom. As she aged, she required her lady's companion to hold the ladder steady for her.
This lady, named Maria, was 20 years younger than Louise. But that didn't stop Louise from saying, when she was still climbing up the ladder at 90: "Poor Maria, she's getting old. She can't hold the ladder properly any more!"

In the area

Haute Meuse Dinan Tourist Office

"A classical garden in a romantic setting ..."

The terraced, Le Nôtre style gardens contrast with the untamed natural landscape surrounding the site. The babbling murmur of fountains and the rows of three hundred year old orange trees set the tempo of this landscape broken by a scattering of surrounding rocks. 6 kms of tree-lined walks wend their way across the upper terrace.


Everyone is welcome!

Family visits: push-chairs and young children are welcome! And don't forget to visit the castle - young and old alike will love it.


Garden lovers: you'll be overwhelmed by the splendour of this historic site. These gardens, dating back to the 18th century, open out over the Meuse valley, giving the site a very special atmosphere.


First visit to an "outstanding" garden: immerse yourself in this world of greenery, silence and life, and let yourself be captivated by the stories told by these old castle walls and the stunning view over the Meuse valley.

Plan of the gardens

Domaine de Freÿr

Fotos of the gardens

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